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In these four terms, you will learn enough to be able to start requesting, bargaining and telling want you want in Spanish. You will be able to use your skills to create, read and write stories (narratives) about yourself and others.
Beginner Spanish 1 to 4. Soon after starting your classes at Spanish Class Minnesota, you will be able to order a meal at a Spanish restaurant and bargain in an open Spanish market. Shortly after you will be able to talk about your past experiences and tell people how you are feeling and what you want to do.

On your way, you will learn a few Spanish songs and enough basic vocabulary so you will have fun talking about yourself, your work, your family and friends.


I offer four levels of Beginner Spanish. You should take them in order:

Availability: Summer, 2022: July 12th - August 25th.

Intermediate Courses. Expanding your skills.
I have designed these four Intermediate Spanish courses for people who already have basic proficiency in Spanish.
Basic proficiency: what is that?

They are for people who are ready to expand their skills:

to give instructions, recommendations & advice...
and express desires, needs, opinions & feelings, hopes & regrets...
...while talking about:
food and restaurants;
tourism and camping;
pastimes and hobbies;
immigrants and immigration around the world;
business and employment;
retirement, health and leisure...

and watch and talk about a few Spanish and Latin American movies...
and read a Spanish fairy tale and a few articles about culture, immigration and history.
  • Intermediate A: Comidas y restaurantes. Give instructions, recommendations and advice. Tell what you want other people to do.
  • Intermediate B: Pasatiempos y aficiones. Express your opinions, judgments and feelings about what is happening now... or may happen later. Express your hopes and desires.
  • Intermediate C: Turismos y acampadas. Talk about what could be (or happen), if things were different than what they are now. Talk about recommendations or advice you got (or gave) some time ago.
  • Intermediate D: Inmigrantes e inmigración. Tell what is important, necessary, good... for people to do. Tell people what you think they should do. Tell what you will do... if conditions are right.
You can take these courses in almost any order.

My suggestion:
  • Take Intermediate A, B and C in any order.
  • Take at least two of those classes before taking D.

Availability: Summer, 2022: July 12th - August 25th.

Beyond the basics: what is that?
Advanced Courses. Strengthening your speaking and reading skills.
If you wish to focus on some grammar review, but mainly on vocabulary acquisition and strengthening your speaking and reading skills, take one (or more) of these courses.

I design them for people who are beyond the basics —have been piling up communication skills for a while— and now are ready for the next step.

While still paying attention to grammar, we focus on guided readings and conversations about the life of artists, politicians or writers; issues of history, culture or politics: feminism, immigration, traveling, love, health, retirement...

I keep adding new topics to the list, so you can take as many of these courses as you want.

Advanced Low (beyond the basics)
Availability: Summer, 2022: July 12th - August 25th.
Historias de amig@s     Monday, 7:30 pm closed

Advanced (mostly conversation)
Availability: Summer, 2022: July 12th - August 25th.
Seis historias de seis ciudades     Monday, 1:00 pm closed
Perón y Eva (Evita) Perón     Monday, 5:00 pm closed
La balada del norte... y más     Wednesday, 7:30 pm closed

A tertulia is a regular gathering of friends with the purpose of talking and exchanging ideas about social, artistic, political, and cultural issues and events. Participants are usually, but not necessarily, like-minded, whether by having similar political ideas, literary tastes, sensibilities or interests —their love for Spanish for example— although they also encourage respectful discussions of opposing views. develop your speaking and reading skills by engaging in group readings and discussions.
The Conversation class is part a tertulia, part a more formal learning-oriented session with the purpose of expanding and clarifying vocabulary, reviewing complex issues of grammar, and strengthening proficiency.

Advanced proficiency: what is that?
Designed for people with, at least, advanced proficiency in Spanish, the Conversation class aims to further develop your speaking and reading skills by engaging in group readings and discussions.

Topics and materials range from brief journalistic pieces to reports, historical notes, movies, and short examples of poetry and fiction.

Content changes every season, so you can take this class as many times as you wish.

Availability: Summer, 2022: July 12th - August 25th.
Cinco cuentos diversos de España e Hispanoamérica     Tuesday, 9:30 am contact
Alegrías y tristezas de los niñ@s de la posguerra     Wednesday, 5:15 pm contact
Alicia en el país de las maravillas     Thursday, 9:30 am contact
Barcelona y cuentos policiales     Thursday, 2:00 pm contact
Lejos de dónde...     Thursday, 5:15 pm contact


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