Intermediate B: Pasatiempos y aficiones
Winter, 2021:  Tuesdays, 5:15 pm.
Giving your opinion and telling how you feel about current and past events (1)
After having reached a basic proficiency in Spanish, you may take an Intermediate course. The Intermediate courses (A to D) are focused on expanding your communication skills, with an introduction to new grammatical structures and guided conversations and readings, to improve your fluency and expand your vocabulary.

In Intermediate B, you will learn to talk about leisure, hobbies and pastimes. You will learn about the peasant games of the Basque Country in Spain. You will also talk about the books, movies, or short stories you remember the most.

You will read a short Spanish folk story about a little kid who lives with his peasants parents in the mountains of Navarra.

You will learn about the changes in the cultural environment in the post-Franco Spain and you will watch a movie by Pedro Almodóvar: Volver (2006). You will also listen and perhaps learn two new old songs; a chotis from Madrid (Spain) and a vals from Chiloé (Chile).

You will learn to use a couple of verbs to express your opinions about current events; you will learn to make people know how those events make you feel, how they please you... or how they don't... How rather they annoy you!
You will also learn to talk about your hopes for yourself and for others, about your fears and your regrets.

In short: You will learn to express yourself!

Present and Present Perfect Subjunctive

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