Intermediate D: Inmigrantes e inmigración
Spring 2, 2021:  Tuesdays, 5:15 pm.
Giving your opinion and telling how you feel about current and past events (2)
One more step to proficiency. If you have already been learning to use your Spanish to give advice or recommendations, and/or to express you emotions and feelings about events... (in Intermediate A, B, C, or their equivalents)... you are ready for this next step.
The Intermediate courses D will further expand your communication skills.

In Intermediate D, you will learn about immigration around the world. You will talk about your ancestry and learn about immigrant neighborhoods in Madrid and in Lima. We will learn about the chamamé: the Argentinian polka which was the result of German immigration to the region in their interaction with the local Guaraní people.
We will also read a very brief history of the Mexican Immigration to Minneapolis – Saint Paul and watch and talk about the movie Amador directed by Fernando León de Aranoa (Spain 2010, 2008) about Peruvian immigrants in Madrid.
We will also listen to old and new songs showing the fussion among the many cultures from the Roma in Southern Spain to the Arabs across the Straight of Gibraltar and beyond.

You will learn to use a couple of new verbs to express your opinions about current and past events; you will learn to make people know how those events make (and made) you feel. You will learn to tell people what they should have done... and what they must do!

Review / Expansion of the Present, Past and Past Perfect Subjunctive
The Future Tense
Debería / debiera (equivalents of should)

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