What is this deal with stories?

Telling stories is one of the things we do the most:

We tell our friends and partners what we did yesterday.

We tell them what happened last week at the office, at school,
at the market.

We tell them about the movie we saw last night on Netflix.

We tell them what we were doing when they call us.

We tell them about our vacations,
about the food we ate,
about the food we used to like when we were younger,
when we were in College,
when we were happy or sad.

We tell them what the doctor told us.

We tell them about our children's plans.
And these are all stories.

So, learning to tell stories is a most useful skill.

so at all of our meetings we will spend some time telling stories...
and this is the list of courses I'm offering this term.

I no longer offer Spanish Classes.