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How to learn Spanish

How can you learn Spanish?

You need a good instructor... of course.
But more important you need patience, persistence and practice.

It takes time.

It's like learning to play an instrument:
it never ends.

Having said that,
I can tell you that you will start seeing real results after a few weeks...
and after a few months, progress will definitely be there.
You will be ordering your meal at a Spanish restaurant.
You will be telling stories.
Just keep working.

After a first fast start, many people feel that their progress slow down.
Often, it is not really the case...
It's just widening its scope.
To fight frustration, keep an eye on your goals.

Long term goals: in a year or longer.
Short term goals: by the end of the current term.
Ask your instructor (ask me), what the goals for the week are.
Ask what will you learn today.
Practice, practice, practice, practice.
But not just any practice:

Practice in a meaningful way.

• Keep a journal in Spanish.
• Write short sentences, then paragraphs, about yourself, about your friends, your partner, your neighbor, your parents.
Write about people you like...
and about people you don't like.
• Make a list of the things you need to do.
• Text your classmates, your friends.
• Write down your shopping list.
• Sing
• Find multiple ways to use your Spanish... everyday.
And don't be afraid of mistakes.

• This is what we do in a typical class and these are the courses I'm offering this term.

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